Fantasy Booking August 15th-16th

I had a rough weekend with work so I’m going to be short and sweet. I’ll be doing a separate post for Summerslam predictions and fantasy booking.

Thoughts on last week

  • I didn’t know about the Oceanic tour so could not predict several wrestlers wouldn’t be on Smackdown. While it did hurt the show, the focus on the undercard was somewhat welcome.
  • American Alpha defeating local jobbers didn’t do anything for me seeing as they beat the Vaudevillains the previous week. However, them being able to overcome the other teams in the all out brawl doesn’t make them particularly compelling for now.
  • Raw felt lackluster with little development through in ring action. The promos were great though. I find it kind of lame Roman Reigns gets a title shot just for interrupting Rusev twice. I’m curious who will prevail in that feud though.
  • I loved how Bray Wyatt blocked the super kick with Ambrose’s head. It set up the tag match for the main event.
  • I liked that ADR went to injure Orton with a chair to the arm. It plays into that story which may or may not be used for the Orton vs Lesnar match. I hope it does as the last few Lesnar fights have all been about no selling his opponent’s offence and throwing german suplexes around.
  • Eva Marie’s gimmick is fantastic.
  • Miz and Maryse are great. They are going to headline a PPV at some point in the next year.
  • No Sami Zayn was disappointing. Hopefully he gets something and fast.
  • I don’t see what the Bryan and Foley segment served the Orton/Lesnar match but it did make the US title feel a bit more important.
  • The Stone Cold interview of Ambrose was meandering but had a few interesting moments.
  • Raw’s opening segment was great except for the line about Bert and Ernie. Even Cass did well on the stick.


Orton vs Lesnar

Lesnar will be at Raw this week. Seeing how Ambrose, Bryan and Austin have been critical of Lesnar last week, I think it’s a good opportunity to put him in a match here. It’s still unclear what the main event for Summerslam will be but I figure either Orton v Lesnar or the Universal title match as Ziggler isn’t rehabilitated enough yet. As Sami isn’t doing anything right now, I think it would be ok to have him fight Lesnar. It’s implied that Orton won’t be allowed on Raw which removes some of the must see moment. However, I think this is a red herring to surprise people. In the middle of the match, Orton will come out and RKO Lesnar. Sami Zayn takes exception even though he was being manhandled in the match. RKO for Zayn before Randy is chased off by security. This can set up a future program for Zayn vs Orton or a rematch between Lesnar and Zayn.

Raw Tag team feuds

I figure the Shining Stars need to get their rematch against Enzo and Cass after the whole Golden Truth Pokémon Go interruption from a few weeks ago. Jericho and Owens will be on commentary running down their Summerslam opponents with the help of Corey Graves. After the match, the pair storm the ring and beat down the upstart tag team with the help of the Puerto Ricans.

Backstage, Foley is unhappy about their actions and books them against the [depleted] New Day to see how well they mesh as a tag team. Near the end of the match as the New Day begins to have the upperhand after a hot tag to Xavier Woods, the Club comes out and goes after Kofi who is left lying at ringside. The heelish Owens and Jericho will distract the ref while this happens but before they can grab the victory, Enzo and Cass come out to even the numbers leading to an all out brawl. The undercard tag teams brawl to the back while the Club rams Kofi’s groin into the ring post.

Smackdown Tag Division

Last week’s brawl should lead to some fall out to be addressed. The Usos and Breezango were conspicuously absent from it though. A tag team fourway match in the middle of the show where Alpha face the other three teams. The story here is the other teams gang up on Alpha before their own egos get the best of them on who gets the pin and Alpha pull out a win.

Raw Women’s division

Last week, Cole dropped the idea that Nia Jax might be next in line after the blow off of Charlotte vs Banks. After two squash matches, let’s have her face one of the women on the card. Paige is apparently injured so that leaves Alicia Fox to take the loss in a competitive match.

With Dana Brooke barred from ringside for Summerslam, I think a confrontation between the two at the opening segment without any of the men interfering to go over their backstory all the way to NXT. Charlotte will also demand to bar Bayley from ringside after she helped Sasha back at Battleground.

Finally, as the lead up to the Holey Foley reality show, Noelle will be at Raw in a segment with her dad. Charlotte will belittle her and tell her to go back home. A set up down the road for the two if Noelle proves capable.

Smackdown’s Women’s division

Eva Marie vs Beckie Lynch take 3, with more shenanigans preventing the match from happening. Here they’ll hook up but Eva Marie will break a nail and call for the match to end. Enraged, Lynch is going to demand a rematch against Alexa Bliss for later in the night. Nataliya will come out and condescendingly agree with Becky about how these young women have no respect; alluding to Carmella. Lynch will take offense and this sets up a tag team match with Carmella and Lynch vs Natalya and Bliss. The heels will come out on top here when Eva Marie shows up and distracts the ref about wanting her match with Beckie now.

Universal Title

A confrontation between the “Demon” and Rollins has been advertised. Here, I’d prefer it if Balor shows up without makeup and tell Rollins “I’m not here to indulge you but to beat you for the title.” Rollins, dismisses him saying he’s all talk. Balor will remove his jacket and inform him if that’s what he thinks, he’ll be happy to give him a real reason to be fearful of Summerslam. Rollins will shirk away as the norm but deliver a cheap shot. The two will brawl but Balor will overcomes the early advantage and prepares to deliver the coup de grace before Rollins wisely escapes the ring.

World Title

I question having Ziggler and Ambrose on Miz TV when Miz’s feud with Crews is undervelopped with him being absent last week. That said, he’s being put to good use here to build the more important match. Miz does a fantastic job of trying to throw fire on a feud and I trust he can do this here following Ambrose’s comments two weeks ago and delivering Dirty Deeds to end last week’s show. However, when Miz begins to get into it, Ziggler delivers a super kick, Miz slumps into Ambrose for the Dirty Deeds and the two engage each other verbally.



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