You can’t cure insensitivity.

I’m going to preface this post by saying this is a bit of a rant pertaining to a post from someone who I have on my friends’ list on Facebook. Now, I find most organized religion bullshit (there are over 4000 religions in the world. I don’t have the time nor inclination to evaluate or study all of them). So if you are offended by this while not actually bothering to consider the points I am making,  feel free to stop following my blog or unfriend me on Facebook. Now this all started by a post:

Translation from top to bottom for English readers: “Yep, unimpressed…” “We can’t say Merry Christmas but Merry Ramadan … is permissible! From the Walmart flyer.


Now let’s begin by dissecting the post along with the comments:

  1. Walmart is a horrible company for its business practices and the way it abuses its employees and competitive practices.  To be fair, Canadian law does curb some of the excesses which exist in the US. Thus, I find it personally abhorrent to shop there and refuse to do so. That’s my personal choice but you’re free to shop wherever you wish.
  2. Walmart is a private company. It can write in its flyers more or less whatever it wants so long as it does not involve pornography, libel, or promote violence or hate under Canadian law. So getting outraged for wishing people merry Ramadan is silly in the first place.
  3. I agree on principle with the post about saying whatever we want. Again, so long as it doesn’t promote violence or hate. Words cannot be divorced from intent. Wishing someone Merry Christmas as a pleasant greeting or genuine act of kindness in “the spirit of the season” shouldn’t be grounds for outrage. However, if you said it in an aggressive or sarcastic way knowing full well the person isn’t Christian is different. In this instance, Walmart is pandering to Muslim customers. Just like most stores do when they play Christmas music during the month of December.
Going to only focus on the relevant comments below.
Going to only focus on the relevant comments below.

4. “Very ironic, seeing as Muslims can’t eat during the day during the month of Ramadan!”

Please look up the definition of irony. I deigned to respond directly to the person to say it was a stupid point because following his logic, supermarkets shouldn’t sell meat during Lent. Laws prohibit stores and supermarkets from being open past certain hours of the day. What does he expect? Muslims to starve to death? That stores break the law (which exist to protect small independently owned convenience stores) and operate 24/7? Further, when you go do groceries, do you not do it for an entire week in advance? Stupid comment is stupid.

5. Pardon me for my sudden urge to vomit, but it pisses me off.

Please, elaborate on how does this negatively impact your life? Are you allergic to the word “Ramadan”? Does it cause you vomit out vitriolic bile of insensitivity? On second thought, I might not want to hear or read the answer.

6. The next few posts go on about skepticism of whether the advert was real or photoshopped. And later confirmation and back patting for finding out it’s true. At least the posters did apply mental faculty to check a post for its veracity rather than blindly believe it. I’d give them kudos if they didn’t then imply disappointment it was true.


In conclusion, this is all much ado about nothing really. Just me getting mad at stupid posts during a bout of insomnia.


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