An introduction to navel gazing

So it finally happened. I’ve plunged into the blogosphere as a contributor rather than the occasional passive reader and commentator. My inspiration comes from another blogger I stumbled upon while browsing an online dating site.

I’ve joked in the past that I like to think of myself as an aspiring novelist… in that I aspire to have the time to devote to writing a novel. The truth is, when I do commit to writing, I usually end up judging my work as rubbish and starting anew. Instead, I’ve decided to start this exercise to better categorize my thoughts and even emotions to further my writing skills. I have no qualms regarding my introversion. I find it easier to express myself in written medium rather than long-winded and rambling soliloquies. Not that I don’t enjoy conversation but I’ve been told on several occasions I come off as aloof* to strangers. When in fact I am attentive to the conversation and waiting for others to chime in before sharing my own opinions or thoughts. Yet I do continue to work on my social skills to become more engaging in social settings.

I’ve debated what topics to devote this blog and finally settled on “everything”. Ambitious, I know. I’ve read on numerous occasions the secret to writing is life experience. So I’ll write about my life, my projects, the IT industry, geekdom, politics (likely to be a touchy subject), my experiences with online dating, or whatever fanciful thought deserving attention. To my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, rest assured I will not use your names or poorly veiled pseudonyms to maintain your anonymity.

So welcome to my brain. Please wipe your shoes before entering.  There’s enough gray matter to go around.

*  I’ve also heard “intellectually intimidating” and “stand offish”.


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